Supplements for beginning, remedial, and self-teaching students that accelerate every teaching method, including Doflein, O’Connor, Suzuki, and Applebaum.

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Violin VersionViola VersionCello Version


With a unique approach, Michael Alexander Strauss has created a training system that oscillates a student‘s attention-processing between left brain and right brain to generate an accelerated learning curve. These exercises have also been shown to bypass a student’s debilitating habits and effect dynamic changes at the neuroplastic level. Activating whole brain learning also involves lighting up the forebrain, freeing students to apply their own critical thinking to all elementary challenges of finding their way around stringed instruments.

See Saw Swings provides a flexible solution for your teaching needs covering every note up to 4th position on all four strings.

Connecting your teaching to the fundamental exercises that students need to master their way around the instrument.

Long strokes, short strokes and string crossings are the three basic bowing problems for beginning and intermediate students. No fancy words. No fancy notes. Just 54 pages of variations on a simple tune that kids love to practice. These variations work with any teaching system.

When your students have completed this book, they will be ready to learn music at the level of the Vivaldi Concerto in a minor, on either violin, viola or cello.

Simple, thorough, and students love it: these exercises have been proven to develop better tone, technique, note reading, rhythm & intonation. Created for whole-brain learning, beginners can master every page in as little as four months and then learn difficult music on violin, viola or cello.

Michael Alexander Strauss is available for workshops, consultations, and lessons.

These are individual books for violin, viola, and cello, all coordinated for ensemble work.

Once students have mastered See Saw Swing, they are ready to progress to See Saw Slide: Exercises for Shifting, Glissando, Velocity, and Vibrato.

See Saw Slides Book

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