See Saw Swing Lesson Story

Katherine is a student at a community college, 18 years of age, and has been taking violin lessons with me for 14 months. She played violin from 4th grade through 12th and never practiced at home. In her lessons with me, she never practices at home. (At most, twice a week, but usually zero).

I used her hour lessons as her practice and she used See Saw Swing to learn to shift and increase velocity and accuracy. I was able to start her on the Vivaldi Violin Concerto in a minor after about four months of lessons. It has been a struggle. Soon she will perform the Vivaldi at her school for a jury.

In her lesson last week, she played a page and had to stop because it was simply too hard for her that day, so I said, “It sounds like you haven’t practiced.” No surprises there.

“Let’s do See Saw for a while.” (In fact, for the rest of the lesson. 50 minutes of See Saw Swing with peregrinations through the entire book). Then I asked her to play Vivaldi again.

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