Summary of See Saw Swing: In 12 lines of music, get a preview of the entire book. The Vivaldi Hypothesis is that any “beginner” who can negotiate all 60 pages of See Saw Swing will be ready to learn the Vivaldi Concerto in a minor. How long does this take. If you assign these pages at regular intervals, moving the student through all the variations at a reasonable clip, less than a year. I’ve had students do it in six months. I’ve had remedial students do it in three months. But because it is unlike anything else on the market, there is no way to process this without trying it.

In these trying times of Covid 19, I hope teachers from around the globe will take a careful look at the summary, found on the What Is It page. What it is is a Paradigm Shift, and I have spent my life moving towards this shift, and I pray that you will try it.

Published by Michael Alexander Strauss

Professional violist and teacher. Creator of See Saw Swings and Bowing Magic.

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