How to Accelerate a Beginning Violin Student

This is simple. Use this book, See Saw Swings, soon to be retitled. The exercises are easy to learn and are progressive. There are fewer than 60 pages. When your student can play all the pages, they will have learned every chromatic note up to fourth position. If you follow directions, and pencil in slurs and accidentals in the early exercises, your student will comfortably read slurs and accidentals. If you then have them learn the beginning exercises in 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions, they have learned to read those positions.

Any student who can do the above is prepared to learn anything at the level of Suzuki Volume 4 or Barbara Barber Volume 2.

How long does this take? Well, Haley came to me as a decent beginner violinist who was finishing up Suzuki Volume 1. She learned most of the 58 pages in three months and yesterday, sightread the first movement of Seitz Concerto #5, at an easy tempo, but comfortably reading all the accidentals. After three months of Metatechnical Exercises.

Julie, a total beginner, learned the book in 6 months and moved immediately to volume 4 songs.

The best thing is that my accelerated students play with strong tone and excellent intonation, because these exercises are designed to strengthen tone and intonation, all by using various exercises based on one simple theme. As I said, this is a new technology.

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