See Saw Swings with Bach

Chloe is ten years old and gifted on the viola. She is currently studying the first Bach Prelude, using the bowings from the most recent Peters edition.

I had her play See Saw Swings with slurs on the quarter notes. We varied the slurs from the first two notes only, then slurs on both, then slurring three, with one separate. In other words (/)=slur: A/D A D; or A/D A/D; or A/D/A D. We also added various slurs on the eighth notes. She spent ten minutes practicing slurs and string crossing with See Saw Swings.

Of course, when she returned to the Prelude, everything was under control, and she sounded so much better than before. You should have seen the smile on Chloe’s face when she discovered that everything she plays can be as easy as See Saw Swings.

Published by Michael Alexander Strauss

Professional violist and teacher. Creator of See Saw Swings and Bowing Magic.

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