A See Saw Success Story

Olivia is in 2nd grade. She had her first lesson last February, learning to play the first line of See Saw Swings in her first lesson. She can now play Minuet 1, aided by her See Saw Practice of playing low second finger on G, followed by high second on C#. The repetitions make the difference, so she had an easy time mastering the high second/low second challenge in the minuet.

Anyway, in her school, lessons begin in third grade, but she played for the teacher who put her in the fourth grade orchestra. I anticipate she will be with the 6th graders by January. A great success for Olivia, and a credit to See Saw Swings for solid accelerated learning.

Published by Michael Alexander Strauss

Professional violist and teacher. Creator of See Saw Swings and Bowing Magic.

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